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This blog’s purpose at first was to just express myself and what goes on in my life. well I have decided that I am redoing the idea of this blog completely. From now on this blog will be about my wife and I’s walk with God, my personal testimony, witnessing and etc. My values in life have Changed I want to put God first and foremost in everything I do in life. I and my wife as well will be contributing to this as we can to share our struggles, accomplishments, feats and strengths as well walk with the lord in our life. This will be an interesting journey that I will share with everyone. The main purpose of this blog from now on will be this, witnessing to sinners who are married committing there marriage to God and following, giving the glory and praise to Him, in all that we do. If you have any question as you read this blog or would like to talk to either of us please feel free to do so.

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Dustin “Shep” Barrick

This is our journey with the creator, the first and last, the beginning and end, God.

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