Personal Background

Personal Background:

Hi, my name is Dustin Ray Barrick, I’m 23 years young.  my early childhood consisted of have leg correctional surgery from being born pigeon toed and years after that dealing with having to be in cast, as well as wearing leg braces and eventually using crutches and then being able to walk, a few years later at the age of 6 my father passed away in a unplanned druken state of driving on to someone else’s land and which spread into a old school western showdown of shots being blown back and forth in a result of him, my father being hit in the chest, located in the middle of now where the emergency services not being able to make it in time to save my father. This event occurred on December 1, 1996 at the age of 30  
After years of dealing with the passing of my father, I being wondering at an early age of who was this God I had heard of at his funeral, my curiosity struck and I wanted to know about God. As time went on I started going to a southern baptist church with my grandmother they preached the ol’ fire and brime stone message if you dont believe and get saved and baptized today you’ll go to hell tonight, now in all retrospect it probably wasn’t really all that bad I just felt being pressured, feared in to believing in God. I got older in the church about 7 years or so in the church I learned what it meant to believe, being saved, being baptized, having faith. I was taught what those subjects meant in Church, one Sunday morning I remember attending with all my family there, as hearing the preacher preach the sunday message i felt a tug on my heart in feeling in my heart, butterflies in my stomach and remember hearing the choir singing Softly and Tenderly, it was near the end of the song I went down talked to the preacher and Gave my life for the lord it was 2005 in October I believe!, from the point on I had know idea of what my life would consist of from then on!

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